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I Support Her

Life may always be threatened with opinions and judgements about causes, hashtags, platforms, movements, and challenges. A voice is given to be used of course, with the free will of deciding whether to be a voice of hate or love; ridicule or respect; discouragement or support; disrespect or honor; “knowing it all” that is ego-driven or “learning” with humility; noise or harmony.

Love. Respect. Support. Honor. Humility. Harmony. These are the traits that I cling to while using my voice because it is what I was taught by a gentle man, an uplifter of women. My father.

I quite enjoy reading the different opinions about the #womensupportingwomen and the #challengeaccepted activity but don’t always know what to believe and what is true. I have read some people think it is senseless with no movement or depth behind it and just an opportunity to post a pretty picture. That’s ok if they want to believe that and voice their criticisms. But maybe they haven’t had the opportunity to stand up for a woman who has been silenced or called to care for a woman living in a challenging situation that would link them to the sense of empathy.

Bashing commentary doesn’t shadow the mass amounts of women, and gentlemen, who are confident to differ and have the eyes to see and heart to feel what is really in these black and white photos-the voice and worth of character of a woman.

From afar, I don’t know what else I can do but pray for and virtually support the women of Turkey. The violence against them is heartbreaking and unfathomable. The femicide triggers thoughts closer to home. There are quite a few avenues where women, young and old, are mistreated, discriminated against, spoken to and treated with complete disrespect, and are innocent victims of violence.

Perhaps there is a woman in your life for whom you have, can, or will in the future give up a slight portion of your life in some way so she isn’t silenced and her hope will be lived and fulfilled. Maybe this woman is someone you know personally or maybe she’s from another country. But she won’t be a stranger. There, she will always be. Thanking you because you did something.



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