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The Littlest Thing

On occasion, it has become our thing for me to go through the Starbucks drive-thru in my pajamas to get my mom a morning scone and cappuccino. This little thing brings joy to her morning, even if it is short-lived. Every single time, the baristas greet me with a positive attitude and the most cheerful words. I love and appreciate this so much because each time I’m with my mom, her decline is a little more apparent which is not a happy thing to watch. I treasure these mornings because I know the day will come when things will be very different, or they won’t exist at all. In caring for her, I know I am receiving way more than I am giving her; I live knowing I will one day say “I did” rather than “I should have.” Caregiving through Alzheimer’s is a long and slow walk. Someday, I will have to thank these baristas and let them know they helped make it a little easier.



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