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Are You Noise or Love?

Who are you?

Are you even aware?

Where have you come from?

Where are you going?

Do you care?

What rhythm do you put out into the world?

Into your community?

Into your relationships?

Into the relationship with yourself?

Does it differ by the day, the week or the weather?

Does it depend on the events in your life or the small world around you?

When there is a misfortune in the bigger world, does it make you want to exude love or unload noise?

Do you take time to reflect and contemplate?

Or are you too busy with being busy?

What nourishes you?

How do you nurture someone else?

Do you take the time to notice?

Are you attracted to the hammering of a noisy gong?

Or the clash of symphonic instruments practicing their voices before they agree to harmonization?

Or, through the drama, do you keep an alert ear and hear the wisdom of the owl who speaks to you in the bright of day?

How long will it take her to gain your attention?

Do you have the patience to love?

The practice to love?

The humility of a child to offer love?

Can you find that child within to blow the fog of noise away?

Can you be the peace through the season of turbulence?

Can you be the calm in the eye of a storm?

Can you be the hope in the desert of pain?

Shall we lift one another up with love?

Shall we love one another with affection?

Shall we speak with the gentleness of love?

Shall we forgive and proceed on the pathway of love?

Shall we persevere?

Shall we?



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