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January 25, 2019

A few days after I walked next to my mother while I practiced patience like never before as she swiffered her floor four consecutive times (story in my previous post), I found myself under the "4th Time's the Lesson" spell once again. Little did I know this time it wou...

January 17, 2019

Truth be told, recently there are days when my mom's sweet personality disappears and a foreign force as a result of Alzheimer's wedges its way into her that has a voice all its own. My grandfather was effected in this way as well. Maybe it's in the genes and the mix o...

January 3, 2019

I cleaned out a room in the basement last week that I have abandoned. It was a cluttered and dusty mess! I found something in a stack of papers that is so very fitting for what I am going through with my mother. I hope it will help you too and for the caregivers in you...

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September 17, 2020

July 30, 2020

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Presence in the Middle

Follow the Light

When I am stripped of my roles as daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, volunteer, and employee, I am Marie; a woman who rests in the wholly middle of her life. I live on the bridge of harmony that connects me to the light of the human and universal spirit. I rush slowly and linger, both of which invite me to passionately observe the world around me so I don't miss this one life I have been given.  I am also real and authentic, a Sagittarius, and a wanderer in search of the meaning of life -- with an eclectic toolbox to help live an intentional life of well-being for myself and for the greater good. Below are three pieces of the design of The Wholly Middle.



I am on a continuous hunt to be fed in ways to live a life with vitality. The arts inspire me, my Italian roots ground me, and Spirit-filled communities enliven me. We, as a human family, have the choice to either encourage or discourage each other to live with love and lift one another up in sisterhood and brotherhood. In the wholeness of our coming together, we are presented with the opportunity to feast at the table of love.

The Sandwich

For five years, I lived in-between the depths of caring for my mom who was taken over by Alzheimer's and the demands and responsibilities of motherhood. These years were extremely challenging for me, my husband, and four children. Yet, they were also very fulfilling with moments of beauty and a period where we learned one of life's most important lessons: how well we are capable of loving, caring for, and being patient with one another. Because of this experience, I continue to be an Alzheimer's advocate. Caring for a loved one who suffers with memory loss or another illness is difficult, and I continue to share my experience to support others and help them not feel alone.


I am about to turn 50 which is both an exhilarating and interesting feeling. I have chosen to embrace it as a sweet spot of opportunity to contribute more light into the world.  Life experiences have an impact on how we live mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Society and other distractions and pressures can also have false influences on who we should be, what we should look like, and how we should live. I don't buy into the idea that the fountain of youth dries up by a certain age.  My life experiences have presented me with voids and losses teaching me to live with intention genuinely. I bypass the road of shoulds and shouldn'ts and aim to live with freedom and joy on the winding trail of life.  Even when at times it seems dry or chaotic, the fountain of light provides wisdom that outnumbers age. This wisdom recognizes that beauty exists in the true self of a woman; the authentic person she was born to be without masks, labels, and roles.


Cheerful greetings!  

Life is a brief gift, overflowing with moments offered to be fully taken in and lived. The Wholly Middle is a creative space with the invitation for human heart and soul connection and conversation, in favour of the greater good through authentic thought-provoking, self-reflective, and motivational stories, essays, and poetry. It is a central meeting place to embrace and celebrate the essence of life - the great, the rough, and the gloomy. All of it. Wholly and completely. This, in and of itself, is a practice every single day. 

The Wholly Middle serves as a vessel of love, hope, and honesty to inspire readers to rush slowly and engage in the presence of the beauty and goodness in this world. My hope is for our time together to be filled with quality and meaning.  I believe that when we are authentically and openly connected with one another, we live with greater acceptance and understanding, ultimately living with an inclusive mindset; ultimately embodying peace.

Rush slowly, love, and live~




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